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This community is here to help you flourish as hard working mama.

Our mission is to connect you with the resources you need as a woman and a mother.

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Why an elephant?

Because it takes a village. Elephants understand this. Their matriarchal society relies on a group effort to raise children and support mothers. Everyone pitches in, and with the collective effort they thrive. This is called Allomothering, or Alloparenting, and its where our group name comes from.


San Diego Mommy Group

I’m Christie- and this is my son Kelly. He turned one in the spring of 2018. I was born and raised in upstate New York, but have called San Diego home for over a decade. I am a photographer and lover of avocados.

Before my son was born I had crafted a life that I loved. I was completely unprepared for how the arrival of this tiny human would upend that life. It has been a raw, and humbling experience- but I am now joyfully crafting the next chapter with the help of a small friend.  He challenges me and teaches me every day, and I have grown so much as a person because of him

Growth isn’t always comfortable. I have been so blessed to have the support of my husband, my family, and my best friend Sara, but still I felt adrift, and that I needed community of like minded moms. 

Allomamas is here for you- the imperfect mom who is navigating the ever changing road that is motherhood.

Hi. I am Sara. Self driven, free spirited, taco loving Realtor and mother of one little girl. 

I currently live in North Park, San Diego and you can usually find me at the local coffee shops fueling up. 
A little over a year ago my daughter was born. I had waited a long time to meet her and yet I was ill prepared for the reality of having a child. In a moment my whole life changed focus and I was left navigating who I was with who I am. This change has not been easy for my little family, but my heart has never been more full. 
More than ever I now understand the importance of friendship and community. If it was not for the tribe of strong, smart, and funny women in my life I would be hopeless. 
Out of that spirit, Allomamas was born.
You are truly not meant to do this alone, and you don’t have to.